World class solution providers in Digitalization using AI across broad range of industries

Customized Cloud and Mobile ready solutions based on industry and customer specific needs. We also provide consulting, software development, solution support and training services.


Deep insights from industry experts on business processes and continuous real world feedback drive the design and development of our highly adaptive and scalable software platforms


Our proprietary models and algorithms in AI/ML space are developed to solve complex business problems and enable faster data driven decision making across industries


Agile teams deployed to solve multifaceted business problems with flexibility to adapt and incorporate evolving customer requirements helps us build customized solutions to businesses as per their latest needs

Interactive UI

Our intuitive UI is designed to optimize ease of use and maximize productivity. We break down complex functionality and difficult workflows, to enable faster and wider adoption leading to better ROI

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Disruptions such as recent pandemics are becoming the biggest challenge for the entire supply chain system. Sudden issues and accidents halt the entire operations which causes overstocking and stock outs at the same time across the network due to fear and restlessness by the supply chain partners and channels etc.

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Credence attributes will be a mandate sooner or later where the manufacturer’s will have to provide complete visibility of the carbon in take during their production or procurement process.

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Iplexr Collaborative Supply Chain Module makes Inter and Intra function and department planning very easy and dynamic. CPFR is the key concept behind our approach to ensure that organizations can leverage both Advanced concepts and fundamental processes and systems of Supply chain.

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Power WFM gives your operations team an easy way to stay connected, accountable, and contactless so you can focus on keeping your operations running 24x7. Improve your work force productivity and empower employees with shift planning, attendance management, task management, and time-off requests - all from a smartphone.

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The Internet of Things, or IoT, is a rapidly growing infrastructure of internet-enabled devices ranging from sensors to light bulbs, all aimed at increasing control, automation and even data collection. By using the Internet of Things in office buildings, you can increase workplace productivity, streamline routine tasks, and make safer and more comfortable working environments for your employees.

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LMS is a highly configurable end-to-end solution designed to maximise efficiency in your yard management operations, inbound and outbound logistics and customer order management.

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